Trike kit installation

After using their InstaTrike for several months John & Debby decided to go to a full trike kit. John decided early on to get a kit we could install ourselves. This narrowed the choices to Roadsmith, Champion, and a few others. At first he was leaning towards Roadsmith with its independent suspension, optional auxiliary fuel tank, stretched wheelbase, and included options.

John occasionally travels for his job and one of his trips brought him within a few miles of the Champion facility in Garden Grove, California. He was able to tour the plant and ride both an independent axle and straight axle trikes. He said the independent suspension was a little smoother but the straight axle handled better. The straight axle was also $1000 cheaper. He was very impressed with the tour and facilities and in the end he decided to go with the Champion straight axle kit and have it prepainted.

The Champion kit had an ~6 week lead time with the painting and everything. John had them ship the EZ Steer kit immediately so we could get it installed in the interim.

I've had my GL1800 apart many times but I have no experience with the GL1500. In addition to the service manual we found a goldmine of information on the web...Steve Saunders' Goldwingfacts website. Above are a few of the articles I printed out to help us tear into the bike. They were invaluable. Throughout the project when pondering a problem we would say, "What would Steve do?", and start searching his site for answers.

John put the InstaTrike kit on Craigslist and immediately got a couple hits. In preparation for selling it I removed the Instatrike kit. While I was at it I went ahead and removed the saddlebags. The Instatrike found a new home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The trike project will be written up in four manageable sections:

- EZ Steer installation - also includes putting in Progressive fork springs.
- Trike kit prep - preparing for the kit.
- Trike kit installation - the Champion trike kit itself.
- Driving lights - a concurrent project.
I'll try to minimize duplicating the information on the site, but add our own observations and pictures.

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