GL1500 InstaTrike install

After the Memorial Day crash John started pondering the idea of a trike. Full blown trike kits run anywhere from $8000 and up. Several companies make 'add on' trike kits...Trigg Trikes, Voyager, and InstaTrike. John wanted to try a trike to see how he liked it before dropping a wad on a full blown kit. He weighed the virtues of each of the add-on kits and decided he liked the InstaTrike kit the best. It was the easiest to convert and gave the most ground clearance. He found a nice used InstaTrike kit on Craigslist.

Here's the InstaTrike kit John purchased. It comes with a very beefy trailer hitch assembly the kit slides into. There are also a couple attachment points on the hitch for the trike kit.

The installation isn't difficult but there are several steps...the first of which is the installation of the trailer hitch.

The rear saddlebag corners are removed by moving some of the trim to reveal screws. This allows removal of the rear cover. I like to put keep all the hardware organized.

Four bolts are removed from the saddlebags to allow them to be moved outward.

The hitch is lifted into place and secured to the crossbar, the lower saddlebag mounts...

...and to the saddlebag guards. Leave the U-bolts a little loose for adjusting.

The only place we could find all the signals for the trailer harness was under the seat on the left side. The wiring harness with ziploom is the one we added.

We ran the ground wire to the frame.

There are a couple places where we had conflicts with the bike and Instatrike. Here the left rear saddlebag bolt hits the trailer hitch.

The U-bolts on the saddlebag frame need to be maneuvered to miss the saddlebags when the saddlebags are in their mounted position.

The U-bolts on the crossbrace need to be tilted in to clear the rear cover.

There is a rib on the rear cover that needs to be removed.

The finished InstaTrike. The out riggers can be adjusted in/out and up/down so that it tracks smoothly and doesn't wobble side to side.

John is very happy with the InstaTrike.

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