Driving lights

A side project of the trike kit installation was the installation of driving lights. As good as the Goldwing lights are you can't have too much light, espeically when you're on the lookout for deer.

We ordered this Add-On lightbar from Wingstuff.

We're gonna use the Hella FF50 lights I used to have on my Goldwing. They'll look good on John's bike with its black highlights.

The installation of the lightbar itself was super simple, and uses existing mounting bolt locations.

The driving lights will be used in conjunction with the high beams. I removed the headlight assembly to access the high beam wire. Have I mentioned how much easier this bike is to work on than my GL1800? The hole at the back made a nice entry point for the wires, and the hole on the right led to the area under the left storage pocket. The blue wire is soldered to the high beam wire. There is a support brace that runs behind the fairing. The driving light wires were ran behind this brace to keep them away from the forks.

A terminal strip was put under the storage pocket for a junction point. Makes a good place for testing, and allows the wires to be disconnected if you need to take the lights or front fairing off.

There was some 3-conductor cable laying around and I ran this back to the battery. The relay and fuse are easily accessible by removing the side cover.

The finished installation.


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