InstaTrike light upgrade

When John got his InstaTrike it had a cheap set of incandescent lights on it and they weren't even hooked up. He decided it needed some lights on it and on our Ohio trip he picked up some LED lights at a Pilot truck stop. He got LED lights to replace the ones that were on it, four LED marker lights, and yellow LED lights to use for turn signals. His bike has a ton of brake lights but just the two stock turn signals, so we felt they needed enhanced.

John drilled and tapped holes for the marker lights and had them mounted quickly. While he did that I spray painted the bases of the red LEDs black.

When we opened the package for the yellow lights we were bummed. They didn't have any mounting bases or wiring. We had presumed they would be like the other lights...complete. Some internet research showed they used a plug-in wire harness and twist-in mounting grommets. We had neither and were nowhere near a Pilot truck stop. To make things even harder, the black part of the lights are recessed. We'd have to ponder this problem for awhile.

We ended up tapping the plastic and putting a Stan (oops...I mean a stud) in them. I cut up his old mudflap to make a mounting base. We soldered wires to the terminals.

Everything mounted solidly. In the background is the essential customizing component...freshly brewed sweet tea.

The finished product. We connected the wires to a 12" trailer harness extension. This keeps all the trailer wiring autonomous.

The new lights really set off the InstaTrike. The turn signals are much more noticeable.

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